Tye in his season 1 battle gear.

Tye is an anthropomorphic Siberian tiger from the G.E. Predators.

Early life

Tye was born in the Indian Jungle as a cub. He was kidnapped by poachers, who shot and killed his family before being arrested by authorities. He was later rescued by wildlife rangers and was taken to the Florida Wildlife Reserve. Since then, Tye has had a strong fear of humans and an even stronger fear of guns.

New life

Arostarr adopted Tye from the refuge and was genetically altered with Anthrophomorphine. As the strongest member of the G.E. Predators, he shows courage, compassion and loyalty. Arostarr also helped Tye to cope with his fear of humans by showing him that not all are bad.

Personality and Abilities

Unlike most tigers, Tye is highly considerate, kind-hearted and very timid. He thinks more with his heart than he does with his head, and would rather avoid fighting all together than to take part in it, yet for the love he has for his family and friends he is willing to battle with all of his might. He is very kind around children, and he is in a relationship with a young woman, named Kyyaa Broderick.

Tye is extremely superstrong. By himself, he is capable of lifting up to 5 tons of weight. He is a master in the art of Aikido, in which he is able to use his opponent's stengths to his own advantages. Tye is also resourceful in a battle, using anything available to him as a weapon for defense.


Tye's fur is solid orange with light oragnge tuffs around his eyes and on his chest, nuzzle and facial cheeks, and solid black stripes. His body is superbly shapped like that a Mr. Universe body builder's. He wears a blue speedo, arm wraps and a brown belt with pounches around his waste and left shoulder.