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Palladon the Panther

Palladon is an anthropomorphic panther who is a leader of the G.E. Predators.


Palladon's fur is blueish-black. He wears a blue latex with a medium-blue bullet-proof leotard and matching boots, gold colored chest armor and shoulder plates, and silver cuffs on his wrists. Around his waste is a gun-belt with pouches to carry ammunition reloads. Because he doesn't like to kill anyone, Palladon's weapon is a stun-blaster capable of rendering anyone unconscious and paralyzed for one hour.

Early life

Palladon was born in the Amazon Forest of South American. Little is known about what happened to his family, but Palladon was kidnapped and sold on the black-market. He was purchased by Mason the Magnificent, a magician and animal trainer with an abusive personality. Palladon trained as a stunt panther for Mason's acts, but had a knack of falling short of ring of fire (mainly due to his on fear of fire) and was punished for it by being deprived of food.

A new life

Palladon was rescued by Arostarr, who later genetically altered him using an off-Earth natural substance called Anthropomorphine -- a liquid form of anthropomorphite. Palladon isn't sure what he wants to be in life.  Yet he somehow sees General Wayco as a model of a good soldier, even though General Wayco has no love (or respect) for the GEP.  Later on, Palladon is inspired to train to be a leader like Arostarr.  He's given small tests or experience training from that point on.

Simultaneously, Palladon has expressed romantic feelings for Cassie, one of the female members of the GEP. He also finds himself in rival with Prowl, leaving Cassie to reject them both temporarily.

Personality and Abilities

Palladon is dependable, considerate, fairly strict, courageous and misguided. Often, he thinks about the safety of the team and tries to set good examples. Sometimes his examples fall flat, but other times they are inspiring to his teammates. Palladon is not above having fun every now and then. He enjoys basketball, playing guitar and reading books about war throughout history.

Palladon is an expert in marksmanship and Brazilian Jiujitsu. He has lightning fast reflexes and precise aim with a blaster, his weapon on choice. Also, he is capable of running up to 20 mph on foot. Not as fast as the speedy cheetah, Blaze, but still fast enough to catch a runaway criminal down the street.