Kyyaa Broderick

Kyyaa Broderick is a human ally for the G.E. Predators. She is the sister of the team's human leader, Arostarr and the girlfriend of Tye.

Early life

She was thought to have died with the rest of her family on Arostarr’s home planet. Kyyaa was revealed to have survived when a lost message from her was triggered in BEN-E’s memory bank. She shares the courage that her big brother demonstrates, and in addition she displays enthusiasm and compassion that makes her worthy with the other Predators.


Kyyaa has all of the skills necessary for leadership, making her Palladon's second in command, to the dismay of a jealous Cassie. She is known to maintain a keen mind, a strong will and an able body when in battle. She also has much consideration for other people, though she has a tendency to stongly insist on knowing what is best for everyone.

In addition Kyyaa loves to live life to the fulliest. In her earilier days, she would do so with hr brother and their childhood friends. Now she enjoys spending the most fun moments with her animals allies, especially Tye.