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Jag the Jaguar

Jag is a jaguar-man warrior with super intelligence.

Early Life

Jag grew up in the wild areas southeast of Tuscon, Arizona. Unlike other animals, Jag took an interest in human society and behavior.


Jag's fur coloring is yellow orange with orange spots outlined in black and red eyebrows. He also sports long red hair. He wears armor that is black, grey and silver, and two wrist cannons. Around his waste is a belt with pouches that hold the capsules he uses to load his wrist cannons. Depending on the type of capsule, Jag can fire ice, fire, heated plasma lasers or even hardening liquids like quick-drying cement.

Personality and Abilities

His genetic enhancement inspired him to study and develop a talent in medical science.  His intelligence distracts him somewhat from many interests around him, including that of his team mates. Jag is patient is most situations, but gets easily annoyed when Prowl and Blaze mess around in his lab. He normally retaliates buy insulting them with technical terms that they don't know the definitions of half the time.