Blaze fireStreak

Blaze the Cheetah

Blaze is a cheetah-man warrior with super speed.

Early Life

Blaze grew up in the wild grasslands of Tanzania, and was reluctant to be genetically altered until he discovered his special power.

Personality and Abilities

He gets his name from the trail of blazing fire that he leaves behind when he runs. Blaze has a tendency to show off to impress his friends or the ladies.  He is also highly nosy about other people's activities, epecially when Jag is working on a new invention.

Blaze is not only a fast runner, but also a fast reader and typer.  This talent makes him a highly efficent messaging expert.  He can collect an visual information and share it with his team mates at virtually the same time.  Of couse, this also means he had a tendency to jump to conclusions if part of any information has not been acknowledged.  Blaze also studies and utilized Bagua (or circle walking) martial arts.