Arostarr 008


Arostarr is the creator and the original leader of the G.E. Predators. His real name is Tyric Broderick.

Early lifeEdit

Born on an uncharted planet in Galaxy Quadrant Sector 9, Tryic Broderick was the son of Johann Broderick and Tyanya Sylliste (pronouced the same as "Celeste"). He also had a sister named Kyyaa Broderick, who was one year younger than him.

At the age of 10, Tryic learned how to ride his father's old speeder bike. It was here that Tryic took a liking to racing, and his talent for fixing things encouraged him to become a part-time mechanic. By the time he was 16, Tyric was able make his earnings in urban speeder racing. His popularity as the best racer on the face of the planet made him arrogant.

When Tryic was 21, tradegy began to fill his life. He discovered that his father had been secretly in league with a gang of bounty hunters. The hunters attempted to kill Tyric, but Johann died in his place. Tryic took his father's place as a bounty hunter until six months later when the hunters gunned down and bombed his farm house with his mother and sister still inside it. Tryic left the gang with a heavy price on his head. He enlisted in the Space Navy Academy under the pseudonym, Arostarr.

New lifeEdit

Arostarr came to Earth in the 21st Century to assemble a team of animal warrior super heroes to aid him in the battle against the forces of evil as well as a quest for the ultimate power. He's first recruit is Palladon, a stunt panther that Arostarr rescued from an abbusive animal trainer. Shortly after, he adopted a lonely tiger named Tye from the Floriday Wildlife Refuge. Working with Palladon and Tye, Arostarr recruited more jungle cats, enhanced their genetic structures and created his team, the Genetically Enhanced Predators.