Armagator the Alligator

Armagator is an alligator-man commando with thick-hard scales and enhanced super strength.

Early Life

Armagator hatched and grew up in the Florida Everglades.

G. E. Predators

He was recruited and genetically enhanced not by the G. E. PREDATORS, but by King Sethrophe. Armagator was hired as a hit man to out-muscle the G. E. PREDATORS. He was defeated by Tye and retreated back into the everglades. Unable to readapt to the wild, Armagator joined the G. E. PREDATORS.

Personality and Abilities

Armagator is more muscle than brain, but that's not to imply that he doesn't use his intellect. His natural alligator behavoir is what encourages him to start a fight, and Sethrophe sought to use this to his advantage. After being recruited by the G. E. Predators, Armagator learned to focus his mind and control his strength and natural animal rage.

His scales are as thick and tough, virtually bullet proof, and his enhanced super strength gives him enough power to stop a stampede of angry elephants. While speed and agility is not his greatest advantage, he more than makes up for it in combat skills and defensive manuvers.